Tanner Hall: Skiing’s Revisionist (2009)

By: Rebcca Babicz // The Reno- Gazette Journal

Tanner Hall will be the first one to admit he had an ego.

And why not?

Hall was a freeskiing phenom, winning every contest in sight and picking up lucrative sponsorship contracts like Oakley and Redbull.

But Hall is more grounded now. He has realized how lucky he is. He returned from what could have been a career ending injury in 2005, when he broke both of his ankles. He watched his best friend survive head trauma, a coma and 34 days of hospitalization. Most recently, at the last stop of the Dew Tour in Mount Snow, Vt., his friend Riley Poor broke his neck jumping into a pool and was paralyzed.

“Life is a serious thing,” Hall said. “If you’re not taking it serious you’re just wasting space, but how I was doing it, I was taking it too serious having anxiety and putting pressure on myself. I think in the past few years realizing how lucky I am as a person to be able to do what I do”

To finish reading the story, download the PDF files:

Tanner Hall1 Tanner Hall2


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