The top ten eco-friendly books for summer reading

The top 10 eco-friendly books have been hand picked and are about a variety of different topics like sustainability, the eco- system, carbon cycles, thought- provoking eco-friendly ideas, global warming and how to spice up your love life. Read one, two or all ten:

1.       American Earth

Author Bill McKibben collects song lyrics, poetry, political speeches and essays about nature from two centuries of Americans, from early thinkers like Henry David Thoreau to contemporary writers such as Michael Pollan. America’s most impassioned writers recognize our current situation and the urgency of the search for a sustainable way of life in American Earth.

2.       Where the Wild Things Were

Science writer William Stolzenburg takes a global view of environmental havoc and the information he provides is important to those who want to stem the loss of the ecological diversity of our world. Where the Wild Things were is a sobering read about what it means when large mammals like wolves and cougars are disappearing from ecosystems around the world and the disastrous result that influences everything else.

3.       The Carbon Age

Former Time journalist Eric Roston explains how carbon dioxide emissions have sped up the carbon cycle making us aware of the seminal impact carbon has on our lives.

4.       EcoMind

EcoMind is about changing the way we think to create the world we want. Frances Moore Lappe argues that our biggest environmental challenge is the way we think about our environmental crisis. Lappe challenges negative “thought traps” of the doom-and-gloom environmental messages and prevails with a positive, people-powered approach to fixing the problems we’ve created.

5.       Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration

Green wedding provides practical suggestions for a “green wedding,” and makes it clear why it matters to green your wedding.

6.       An Eco-Babe’s Guide To Greening It

In this book, Stephanie Byng provides green tips about menstrual cycles, beauty regimes, eating habits, homes, cleaning habits and supplies, trash and waste, workplaces and babies.

7.       Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

Green Jobs provides information about the greenest jobs, extra training to receive and how to start you own eco-friendly business.

8.       Storms of My Grandchildren

In his Q&A with Bill McKibben featured in the paperback edition of Storms of My Grandchildren, Dr. James Hansen, the world’s leading climatologist, Hansen speaks about the truth of global warming.

9.       Eco-Sex

Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable is about how to renew your passion for the environment while recharging your love life.

10.   Natural Alternatives for You and Your Home

This book provides 175 Recipes to Make Eco-Friendly Products from soaps, shampoos and fragrances to household cleaners and bug repellants.

By simply reading printed material about being eco-friendly won’t automatically translate into saving the planet, but it’s a direction forward in the right direction. The more you read and learn, the more information you’ll be able to share with the world and inspire others.


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