4 Things Internet Marketers Should Be Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving and my one year anniversary at SEO.com, I’d like to share with you 4 amazing things that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, that you also might be thankful for:

1. Ben Sibermann
You’ve probably never heard of Ben Sibermann, but my guess is you’ve probably heard of Pinterest and are grateful for its ability to drive traffic to your website, (in addition to making you feel crafty, hungry and like a mid 19th century house wife.) Although you’ll never be a household name like Zuckerburg, I raise my glass of Pumpkin Mohjito to you this Thanksgiving Mr. Sibermann, for I am grateful.


Cheers to you Mr. Silbermann

2. Tweet Deck
The obvious tool to be thankful for is Twitter, but as a marketer, Tweet Deck takes my Twitter addiction to the next level. Now I can easily scan though multiple columns to see what soccer players, rappers and action sports athletes are doing instantly and simultaneously. Oh and if I’m really bored, I’ll check out #SEOchat and see what some of my favorite marketers are up too, like @HubSpot, @SEOcom, @mashable, @Inc and @SEOmoz.


Hi Christiano!!!

3. YouTube
What would an internet marketing list be without a Google product? YouTube, not only keeps me sane but as I walk around the office I can tell that daily YouTube breaks also keep my co-workers happy. Without YouTube no one would know about Gangnum Style and without Gangnum Style work would be a lot more uptight. Op Op Op Optimgannum style, whatever that means.


Ayyyyyeee Sexy Lady!

4. Analytics Tiles App
I hate the anxious feeling I get when I leave my desk. Sometimes it’s hard to step away from work. But now you don’t have to. I discovered Analytics Tiles App, which will feed your Analytics addiction while on a ski lift, during Thanksgiving dinner, during your child’s preschool graduation, etc. It’s also good for those who spend too much time on Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube and need to make up some work on the go.

Well there’s my list: An internet application that allows me to keep up with the Kardashians and SEO gurus all at the same time. The man who created my new favorite social media site. A video hosting website that causes me to procrastinate. And one of a million Smartphone applications that let me do my work remotely. What are all the other internet marketers thankful for this year?


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